How Green is Your Lawn? (via Teatown Thoughts)

I am reading “Producing and consuming chemicals: The moral economy of the American Lawn” by Paul Robbins and Julie T. Sharp for a Society and Sustainability class at Arizona State University, where I am a nontraditional student studying sustainability.

This blog post came up when I was researching for a less technical article. Teatown is in the next town over from where I grew up. I remember it well.

Here is a website for growing and maintaining a sustainable lawn:


How Green is Your Lawn? Should the Traditional American Lawn be an Endangered Species? In recent years, it has become clear that solving environmental problems requires everyone’s participation. Saving the earth is not a spectator sport!  With spring in the air, there is no easier place to start than in your own yard.    Transforming a monoculture grass lawn into a mosaic of plants and habitats will in the long run save you time and money, and will create a more biologi … Read More

via Teatown Thoughts

3 Responses to “ “How Green is Your Lawn? (via Teatown Thoughts)”

  1. sandy price says:

    Teatown… how perfect. And, EcoCanyon. Again, brilliant. Welcome to the world of Blog. I hope I’m your first official “follower.”

  2. Jackie Wheeler says:

    This looks like one to follow! Best of luck with the blogging life. If it’s like your other ventures, it’s bound to be successful.

    Jackie Wheeler

  3. Katie says:

    Thanks for the link. If you have a lawn another way to maintain it with less water is to switch up your Arizona sod variety. Evergreen Turf is growing a new sod variety called TifGrand that is great for shaded Arizona lawns, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t require more water than usual. This will be great because a lot of people waste water on areas that don’t grow in the shade, so TifGrand would resolve that issue. Good luck in your sustainability class!

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